Medical device clinical project management training

Webinar: Introduction to Medical Device Clinical Investigations for Career Changers

Clinical project management and services without the costly overhead.

The confinis CPM virtual workplace provides you with senior-level clinical project staff and functional service professionals to gather clinical data to sell your device while helping you cut costs and spend wisely.
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Whether you are a start-up with a burn-rated budget or an emerging/established company, we charter the strategy and execute the plan that`s right for your needs.

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Find the right team to take your clinical project forward without wasting time, energy and money.

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Clinical Regulatory Consulting

Strategy development, Plan development, and Review

Clinical Project Management

Clinical project management, Project planning and documentation, Resource coordination, issues resolution and rescue

Subject Matter Experts

Experts in Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance, Market Access: Commercialization & Reimbursement, Biostatistics, Data management, Data programming, Medical writing, KOLs, etc.

Clinical Quality Assurance

Clinical research function processes captured & maintained in QMS, clinical project auditing, training

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We take the time to meet and listen to you. Evaluating together your project details and needs, we prepare an experienced-based proposal with tasks, deliverables and costs that you understand the first time. Our open and transparent approach allows us to offer you the best pricing up front as well as plan for the unanticipated challenges to come.

Smarter clinical project management.

Our Team

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Autumn Lang
Autumn Lang

Value and recognizes even the smallest clinical project may make a major contribution to selling a better quality of life. Specialty is chartering the clinical regulatory commercialization strategy for innovative medical devices. Global compliance achievement of over 20 years in diverse clinical regulatory roles in the medical device industry and CROs.

Carin Nilsson
Carin Nilsson

Clinical research professional with 14 years of experience within highly regulated and innovative medical device industry, including experience with pediatric populations.

Strong understanding of specific needs for start-up companies, with interdisciplinary collaborations with experts from different backgrounds.

Bethany Kearney
Bethany Kearney

Clinical Quality professional with 15 years of experience within the pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical research industries.

Designed and implemented innovative QM systems and managed aspects of quality for drug and medical device studies from quality-by-design phase through clinical studies and inspections resulting in regulatory approval.